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SFAWS Meeting Minutes - Meeting Number One - Science Fiction Association of the Western Sierra [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Science Fiction Association of the Western Sierra

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SFAWS Meeting Minutes - Meeting Number One [Jan. 17th, 2009|02:23 pm]
Science Fiction Association of the Western Sierra


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SFAWS Meeting Minutes
Date: 1/16/09
Location: POD Coffee Shop
Meeting Number: One

Attendees: J. Pedersen (President)
S. Gleason (Secretary)
B. Hole (Treasurer)

The meeting was rock banged into order at around 1:00 in the Coffee Shop (minutes recording began later in the meeting).

B. Hole presented a sketch of the proposed Logo design of an Astronaut Miner. It was examined by the attendees and approved pending a second draft which would include the name of the club. S. Gleason requested the addition of a space suited donkey.

Geographical extent of this new club was then discussed. B. Hole suggested using the 1863 Act of Congress to define the western extent of the Sierras as six miles east of the Sacramento River. This daunting historical precedence was unanimously approved for the western side and the crest of the Sierras followed as a natural eastern border. The northern and southern extensions appeared to be a bit more fluid and was decided to be left to the geography of the mind.

The offices of the new club were next to be decided with the President being railroaded in with the Secretary and Treasurer positions following suit. It was also decided to name B. Hole as Ambassador to the North since he is a member of BASFA and S. Gleason as Ambassador to the South since she is a member of LASFS. That left J. Pedersen as President to be designated Ambassador to the Rest of the World. B. Hole duties were extended to also head the Membership and Publicity Committees.

The name of our new science fiction club was the next topic of discussion with several variations being debated which included either the phrase “Western Sierra” or “Gold Country”. The previous discussion of the geographical extent supported the use of “Western Sierra” with “Gold Country” appearing a bit more restrictive. In the end the name “Science Fiction Association of the Western Sierra” or “SFAWS” was tentatively approved pending a google search by B. Hole. This google search was to look for any negative connotations regarding the abbreviation and how available the domain name variations were.

It was decided that the Secretary was to draw up a rough rules and by-laws draft for consideration at the next meeting.

The Basic Mission Statement of the club was drawn up on the spot by S. Gleason - “To promote an appreciation of science fiction and fantasy within the Western Sierras of California.”
It was approved by all present.

Publicity and Marketing was the next discussed topic. B. Hole was authorized to setup a Facebook Page and Live Journal Account pending the name check. The Mission Statement and Logo was to be developed to populate these pages. The meeting minutes will be posted there with a caveat that they have yet to be read and approved (which will be done at the next meeting). Other ideas for publicity included a Fan Table at Silicon and maybe ConSuite sponsorship at LosCon (since the president will be running it). Baycon was discussed but was decided to be too close in time for us to do effective marketing. A future con party theme was discussed - Timbucon or Timbuctoo in 2012. Other ideas included proposing a panel on Gold Country Science Fiction if Reno wins the Worldcon bid. B. Hole mentioned that he was a producer for the Roseville Public Access TV Channel. This lead to a discussion of ideas of recording some shows for this outlet.

Throughout the meeting there was an ongoing review of various Science Fiction TV Shows including Dr. Who, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, and more. B. Hole mentioned Further Confusion and the panels he would be on there.

The date for the next meeting was not set but left up to the weather and the members schedules. It will also depend upon the membership interest in response to the various social networking publicity that B. Hole will be fostering. B. Hole mentioned that April 18,19 was an Open House at the Roseville Museum and that we could have a future meeting then and there. The topics of the next meeting will include the proposed rules/by-laws, membership dues structure, and the results of the social networking publicity.

The meeting was concluded around 3:00 PM with the President running after her daughter and the Treasurer after the elusive Timbuctoo, leaving the Secretary behind to type up these minutes.

[User Picture]From: drarizona
2009-01-18 03:34 am (UTC)
Ah .. good to know. I wasn't sure how you had set up stuff. Meanwhile, did you realize you set up the Facebook page as a Business? I don't know if there is a way to change it over to a Group or if you should set up a seperate one since so far it is just us two.
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